The Venues

Here is a taste of the types of concert we can organise on your behalf or on behalf of your clients. There's not enough space to show you every venue in our concert portfolio but here are a few examples.

Churches and Cathedrals

Performance groups with a sacred or classical programme are invited to perform in the many churches and cathedrals of Europe. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, St Mark's in Venice and Cologne Cathedral often invite our groups to perform. Participation in a church service is also extremely popular with our choirs. Many of the world's major churches and cathedrals will invite choral groups, with suitable repertoire, to sing during their celebrations. Please try to include a weekend in your tour, as this is when the majority of sung services take place. Concertina will offer guidance on programme for a service. Outside the main cities we will often arrange a concert in a local church. This is frequently a very special occasion for the community and is reflected in the hospitality our groups receive.

Concert and Community Halls

Throughout the cities, towns and villages of Europe one finds a wide range of community and concert halls. These are local community centres and are the main focus for many social and cultural activities. They have excellent facilities for concerts with purpose built stages, tiered seating and sound and lighting equipment. Concertina groups are included in monthly promotional material sent to members of the community thus ensuring the best possible audience for concerts.


Many student and youth groups enjoy the opportunity of meeting their peers in a foreign land. Music is the ideal medium for doing this. Concertina regularly arranges concerts at local schools and colleges. Visiting music groups usually give a performance for the students at the host school and afterwards both sides have the opportunity to make friends and swap addresses. It is part of Concertina's cause to develop relationships between people from different lands, to foster new friendships through music and to encourage people to recognise that their hopes and aspirations are the same, whatever their nationality.

Joint Concerts
If a group has a specific request to perform a joint concert with a local choir, orchestra or band Concertina can arrange this on your behalf. Most local ensembles welcome the opportunity to perform with a group from a different country and these joint concerts often lead to other things such as reciprocal visits and youth exchanges.

Outdoor Concerts

In Europe, between the months of May to September, concerts are usually performed outdoors. The many piazzas, plazas, courtyards, bandstands and town squares throng with music, as they become open air concert halls for classical and popular music, both professional and amateur. Stages are erected with lighting and sound equipment and people come from miles around to listen. Just imagine performing at night in the Grand Place, Brussels with the spotlights shining on the gold merchants houses and their gilded gables or singing in the gardens of the Chateau de Versailles in Paris amongst its beautiful statues and with the chateau as a backdrop for your concert. The atmosphere of these concerts is truly unforgettable.

There are a vast range of music festivals, both amateur and professional, taking place year round throughout Europe. Whether your group is a band, choir, orchestra or combined group rest assured that there is a festival out there for you. Concertina can co-ordinate your application and participation in a festival to suit you. Please remember that you must apply within good time in order to secure your place. If festivals are competitive the compulsory pieces will be forwarded by us, to you for preparation. At any time during the festival or afterwards, Concertina can arrange additional performances for your ensemble, ensuring the fullest possible performance programme.

This is just a sample of the types of concerts Concertina arranges. We recognise, however that every group is different and therefore recommend that you talk to us, or email us, with your aspirations so that concerts can be tailored to your requirements. A enquiry form is available to simplify the process.

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